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Aowel Technology company vision

Founded in 2008 as a factory and transformed into a corporation this year in Tianjin, the largest port city in northern China, Aowel Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the leading? companies in China in the design, manufacturing, sales and installation of wall protection and decoration materials.

Aowel is dedicated to the environmental sustainability of buildings by providing innovative highly functional architectural materials and products while minimizing negative environmental impact.

Aowel products are used in facilities for healthcare, senior living, hospitality, education, hotel, entertainment and more. Customers in China as well as in USA, Russia, Turkey, Malaysia, Indonesia, Korea, Poland, Saudi Arabia, etc., are now using Aowel impact protection products.

Aowel values: Innovating for a better world

Shortly about us

Aowel Technology is devoted to the design and manufacturing of wall protection and decoration products .
Aowel values: Innovating for a better world.