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Aowel Corner Guards

Aowel corner guards protect corners from damage and keep your facility looking newer and longer. Whether you need a quick fix or an integrated, fire rated solution, we have the right corner guard for you.

Aowel's line of corner guards leads the industry in its breadth of application, with suitable options for protecting every type of facility and every application. Whether for a healthcare, educational, municipal or commercial building, you can rely on Aowel corner guards to protect your building from front to back. Choose from various colors of surface-mounted corner guards with styles including vinyl retainer covers and rubber..

Aowel high-impact corner guards absorb impact, constructed of heavy-duty aluminum retainer and rigid vinyl cover. Two finishing caps are included for finished professional installation.

Features of high-impact vinyl corner guards:
  • Consisting of vinyl cover and aluminium retainer
  • 3" (76mm) / 2" (51mm) wings
  • Angle: 90 degree with custom angel option
  • Closure caps included
  • Available in 12 standard colors, custom color option
  • Class A fire rating
  • Standard Lengths: 4.9 ft (1.5m)
  • Material thickness: vinyl 2mm, aluminum 1.5mm
  • With each corner guard you get: Two caps in your color of choice, retainer piece which screws to the wall, and the cover vinyl piece in your color of choice, installation instructions
  • Options:

    AW076-W1301:Standard Aowel corner guard with off-white color, 76mm broad wings and 1.3mm thick aluminium retainer
    AW051-W1501:Standard Aowel corner guard with off-white color, 51mm broad wings and 1.5mm thick aluminium retainer
    AW051-W1300:Custom-made Aowel corner guard with a color and thickness of the metal skeleton of your choice.
    AW051-R1500: Aowel full rubber corner guard with 90 degree and a color of your choice.

  • Composition:

    Vinyl cover
    Aluminium retainer
    Caps - Injection moulded

  • Dimensions:

    76mm/51mm broad wings
    Corner guards supplied in 1.5m lengths

  • Aowel rubber corner guard :

    AW051-R1500 widely used in kindergarten and home decoration.

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