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Aowel Wall Guards

Aowel wallguards provide the first line of defense against everyday abuse in high traffic areas for hospital wall protection, hotel wall protection,schools wall protection, senior houses wall protection and even sports venues wall protection. Using Aowel wallguards can dramatically reduce maintenance and repair expense over time.

Aowel wall guards are mostly vinyl wallguards consisting of PVC cover and alloy alimunium retainer, which offer outstanding protection from all types of abuse, thus dramatically reducing maintenace and repair expenses. You can choose from 12 standard colors for all of the rigid vinyl wallguards, and with custom color matching available, the options are plentiful.

  • 6" (152mm) of wall protection, extends 1" (25mm) from wall
  • Optional rubber spacer extends an additional 1/2" (13mm) from wall
  • Mounted on a sturdy 1.5/1.8/2.0mm thick, continuous aluminum retainer
  • 2.0mm thick, scratch and stain resistant rigid vinyl cover
  • Easy installation, clean-up and maintenance
  • Manufactured in 16.4' (5.0m) standard lengths
  • All mounting fasteners are included with each order
  • 80mm high accent strip available in 12 standard colors, several pattern and finish options, as well as custom colors
  • Meets the international standards and criteria of chemical emissions
  • Durable, environmental friendly, safe, and cost-effective

Aowel wall guards are widely used in hotels, schools, hospitals, nursing houses, and other public places. And they are one of the best sellers in China and elsewhere in the world given the fact that they are robust, cost-effective, and incredibly customizable and versatile.

  • Options:

    AW152-W1501:Standard Aowel wall guard with green stripe color and 1.5mm thick aluminium retainer
    AW152-W2002:Standard Aowel wall guard with blue stripe color and 2.0mm thick aluminium retainer
    AW152-W1800:Custom-made Aowel wall guard with a color and thickness of the metal skeleton of your choice.

  • Composition:

    Rail & accessories - extruded Vinylac.
    Wall return ends - Injection moulded
    Internal/External Corners - Injection moulded

  • Dimensions:

    152mm width
    25mm distance between face and wall
    Rail supplied in 5m lengths

  • Finishes:

    Striped rail face
    Smooth top & bottom edges.

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